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As Dan Snyder Plans New Football Stadium, Rumors Abound

[Photo by Seth Sawyers]

FedEx Field is only 17 years old, something of a youngster in stadium years, but Washington football team owner Dan Snyder is already drafting plans for a substitute arena. What's more, even though he's ready to ditch the 17 year old stadium, Snyder stated in an interview with Comcast Sportsnet that he wanted the stadium, which could easily be in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, to feel retro. He quipped that the early designs give the feel of RFK Stadium, the team's former home and current home to D.C. United. Talks of a new football stadium exist isn't terribly out of bounds considering that D.C. is still an active bidder for the 2024 Olympics.

However, NBC4 was also tipped off by an unnamed source that Snyder wants to build a domed stadium on the current site of RFK Stadium. If that's true, this assumes a few things. First it assumes that D.C. United's new stadium at Buzzard Point will pass all of the hurdles in their path and come to fruition. Secondly, this assumes that there will be no public/public official outcry against a dome (a la Nationals Park). Then again, a dome would probably be necessary if Snyder wants to bring a Super Bowl to the District.
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