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Out on Their Fannies: Fannie Mae Unloading Huge Headquarters

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[Photo by Flickr user NCinDC]

It's true, the enormous brick landmark that has withstood a hundred thousand withering glares will not be home to Fannie Mae for much longer. What's more, the public-private mortgage backer is also unloading its two Van Ness buildings and moving everyone into one single (and probably less architecturally impressive) space downtown within the next two to three years. Although the gigantic colonial building previously housed Equitable Life Insurance Company, it's kind of hard to imagine this building, constructed in 1956 holding anything other than a mortgage behemoth or every part of the D.C. court system. That said, DCist commenters have suggested that it could be used as a Wegman's, a condo project, an embassy or a charter school. Perhaps some enterprising developer might want to take out a loan...
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Fannie Mae

4000 Wisconsin Ave., Washington D.C., DC