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The Construction at Controversial 5333 Connecticut Avenue

[All photos by R. Lopez]

It's been a few months since the residents of Chevy Chase have collectively raised their voices in protest against the enormous glass behemoth that Calvin Cafritz is building at 5333 Connecticut Avenue NW. Then again, the construction process far enough along at this point that the building is truly starting to take shape and no amount of protests and calls to check on possible permit violations will do much good. To review, in early 2013 developer Cafritz finally started to move forward with the process of building this 300,000 square foot project, 22 years after receiving city approval to do so. Several neighbors formed a coalition, contesting the zoning particulars of this 263-unit building, but Cafritz's matter of right ultimately won out. Now 5333 Connecticut Avenue now appears to have the two towers and recessed entry first visible in the renderings, although it's mercifully less lopsided. Have a look at the construction progress after the jump.

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5333 Connecticut Avenue

5333 Connecticut Avenue NW , Washington , DC