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Which One Bedroom Under $300K Would You Fight For?

Welcome to Real Estate Death Match where two equally worthy places on the market will vie for your undying affection and copious votes. Last week, the flip at South Carolina Avenue just barely beat out its neighbor on 7th Street. While both of those townhouses were in Eastern Market, this week will see the return of small one bedroom condos and pit two opposing neighborhoods against each other. Welcome to Real Estate Death Match: Logan Circle vs. Petworth Edition.

Address: 1420 N Street NW #1006
Price: $299,999
Square Feet: 505
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Being in Logan Circle and therefore within walking distance of countless neighborhood amenities and trendy restaurants may well be worth paying the extra $50K for a place that's 100 square feet smaller. Seriously, the one bedroom at 1420N is almost as big as the walk-in closet. That said, the building has a pool and the layout is unfailingly chic -- at least it is until you get to the kitchen which is a near-perfect time capsule from the year 1984.

Address: 700 Jefferson Street NW #103
Price: $249,000
Square Feet: 600
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This place on the northern border of Petworth (or Brightwood Park or whatever we're calling this stretch of town) won't put you within walking distance of much more than Taqueria D.F. and Culture Coffee but it will allow the buyer a little more space. There's no pool in this small complex at 700 Jefferson, but there is an outdoor patio available to all of the residents. What's more, it looks like the kitchen was updated along with the rest of the place and there's actually room in the bedroom for more than the bed, without sacrificing closet space.

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