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How Much For This Large Two Bedroom Condo Off U Street?

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Welcome to Pricespotter, the asking price guessing game from Curbed. See if you can pinpoint the price using a handful of factoids about the place in question coupled with a few listing photos. Remember, cheaters never prosper.

What/Where: 2 BR/2 BA condo off U Street
Square Feet: 1,296
Homeowners Association Fee: $158/month

There's something about the look of marble that gives a pad the illusion of class. That said, this condo off U Street already has other elements that make it desirable. The windows in the living room and master bedroom aren't exactly floor-to-ceiling length, but they're close enough to make an impact. There's also a private balcony and "parking available," although that is almost certainly at an added cost. Plus, the place is huge. Think you're ready to guess? Take a look at a few more photos after the jump and then place your estimates in the comments.

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