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Next Film Set in (But Not Filmed in) D.C.: Batman V Superman?

[Photo by RJ Schmidt]

Sure, Detroit may get all of the Batman V Superman filming fun, but while Ben Affleck and company shut down large chunks of their city, the District will see at least some partial representation in this new super-budget superhero flick. Intrepid Michigan blogger and movie stalker The Bananadoctor snapped a few photos indicating that D.C. will act as the backdrop for at least part of the film.

The design crew actually did a pretty good job imitating our Metrobuses (although, correct us if we're wrong, it's not clear that any buses actually stop at Adams and 1st Street NW). That said, the design of the cop cars is notably different and those boxy yellow cabs look nothing like our new telltale red and silver fleet. That said, it's famously difficult to get compliance to shoot D.C. police vehicles. Take a look at the set photos (and photos of their real life counterparts) after the jump.

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