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Alexandria Will Play the Waiting Game With Braddock Gateway

The Braddock Gateway development may be one of the key pieces in making the area around the Braddock Road Metro look more alive, but it's going to remain a vacant lot for another couple of years. The project within walking distance of the station was already put on hold once, in 2008, courtesy of the pesky recession that made everyone's lives hard. But now there's no shortage of transit-oriented developments surrounding including the brand-spanking new apartments of The Belle Pre coming to that five block radius. So, even though developers WRIT and Trammell Crow could start building whenever they so desire, the 270-unit building with a rooftop pool and 175 parking spots might not even start construction for a few more years and that's if they can get an extension on the time needed to start building. So, 129 First Street will have to remain vacant for a little while longer.
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