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Behold the Townhouse Billed Capitol Hill's First "Smart Home"

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In the case of this $1.445M townhouse, "smart home" doesn't mean that the design looks particularly natty and sharp (although that definition certainly applies). In this case, it refers to the high tech setup wherein every electronic device from the security alarm to the dishwasher can be controlled by one's smartphone or tablet. Such a home, a renovated four bedroom offering in Capitol Hill just hit the market and purports to be the first fully-integrated smart home in that neighborhood. It's clearly targeting not only those who feel comfortable, no, excited at the prospect of living in an episode of Star Trek but also enjoy fireplaces and natural light. That said technology tends to break in new and different ways that things like plungers and hammers can't fix. So, if you're only mildly technologically savvy and even the idea of resetting your Comcast router brings on a panic attack, it might be a good idea to either look elsewhere or have the number of a very patient IT-wired friend on speed dial.

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