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Renovations: Washingtonian Mag on the Pitfalls of Old Houses

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Washingtonian's current issue treks into "This Old House" territory with four articles on modern living in historic homes. The eye-candy portion: Profiles of five spiffed-up spaces, from a 1924 Capitol Hill rowhouse with exposed brick walls and orange upholstery accents to a top-floor condo at the Cairo sparked by white walls and neutral furnishings. Oh, and if you haven't plonked down cash on a vintage place yet, another article sums up some of the biggest challenges for owners of geriatric properties, including:

That's Brick: Home rehabbers spend lots of time and money on trophy kitchens, but the exterior bricks of old rowhouses need love too, as in repointing them so your place doesn't crumble.

Not-So Electric Avenues: Yeah, it's nice to blow dry your hair, charge your Kindle and heat up the iron all at once, but that's not what circa-1900 home builders had in mind. "Thomas Edison thought one outlet in a room was more than you'd ever want," says Pete Becker of Alexandria's Becker Electric.

Cracked Addict: Old plaster walls, while strong and sound-blocking, also tend to crack in D.C.'s humidity. Be prepared to learn to spackle like an HGTV handyperson or find a good contractor. - Jenn Barger
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