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Hint: This Traffic Circle Now Has a Statue in the Center

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Welcome to Cornerspotter, Curbed's game in which you try to identify the location and/or identity of a particular building or streetscape in a historic photograph. Think of it as previous Curbed feature Looking Back but with new bragging rights. Impress us and your fellow Curbed readers with your knowledge of Washington D.C.'s past.

D.C.'s traffic circles are notably small little oases of green space within the city, but this photo from 1870 does not look like it was taken in any city, much less this one. Yet, here it is, and not much later on a statue of the circle's namesake was erected in the center. That said, the namesake was a Civil War hero although the circle had been around prior to that war since it was a part of the L'Enfant Plan. The circle has also been rehabilitated within the past ten years. Which traffic circle is pictured?