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This Frank Gehry Building in MD Really Will Be a Whole Foods

File under this one under: kinda weird reuse for early starchitecture. The Columbia, Maryland building that will house the newest Whole Foods is actually an early Frank Gehry design. Those white stucco walls and wooden trellises look familiar for a reason. Gehry had been commissioned by local developer James Rouse to design his headquarters in the 1960s. Several years and $25 million later, the renovation which also includes a community wellness center doesn't seem to take too much away from the look of the initial building. Yes, the design team of Cho Benn Holback + Associates did remove the third floor of the building so as to increase the height of the Whole Foods, but other than that, the design is true to Gehry's original spirit. On the flip side, the renovation plans for his other Columbia masterpiece, award-winning amphitheater Merriweather Post Pavilion, detail a far more wild adaptation. Remember the butterflies?
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