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Which One Bedroom Under $290K is Your Dream Space?

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Welcome to this week's Real Estate Death Match, where two spots on the market will compete for your votes and your unconditional love. Or maybe just your votes. Last week's match was a complete blow out wherein the West End competitor easily took out its foe from Friendship Heights. There's something to be said for staged condos. Both of the one bedroom competitors are furnished this week, so let's get started with Real Estate Death Match: Adams Morgan vs. Cleveland Park Edition.

Address: 2122 California Street NW #356
Price: $289,495
Square Feet: Unlisted
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Upon noticing that the co-ops usually lose the death matches, it's been evened up: both competitors this week are co-ops. The Adams Morgan space in The Westmoreland has really nice natural lighting and a roof deck with a great view. Also, note the purple crystal doorknobs leading to the rooms, because that's a thing. Too bad the actual size of the place (and for that matter, the co-op fee) are not listed.

Address: 3020 Porter Street NW #203
Price: $290,000
Square Feet: 650
Beds, Baths: 1/1

Up Connecticut Avenue, there's this one bedroom at 3020 Porter Street Co-op which packs some extra storage space. Also, it looks like the garage parking is in some old stable-looking building. No roof deck here, but there is an outdoor patio with a grill. Also, the HOA fee is only $342/month, which isn't terrible, considering some local co-ops ask significantly more.

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