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How Much for This Three Bedroom Rowhouse in Fort Totten?

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Welcome to Pricespotter, the asking price guessing game from Curbed. See if you can pinpoint the price using a handful of factoids about the place in question coupled with a few listing photos. Remember, cheaters never prosper.

What/Where: 3 BR/2 BA rowhouse in Fort Totten
Square Feet: 1,641

Fort Totten is becoming a hotter neighborhood as developments like Fort Totten Square and Art Place start to take shape, but it's also home to its fair share of older rowhouses (and detached houses) like this one. The living room has the city's most boring gray couch, but the renovated kitchen with its accompanying picnic bench-style dining table makes up for it. What's more, it's got a rather large basement which the current owner is using to store a stationary bike and a rather nice flatscreen television. Think you know the price? Take a look at the photos after the jump and venture a guess.

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