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It's Time to Nominate D.C.'s Best Outdoor Pools, Parks & More!

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[Photo by Caroline Angelo]

Get ready D.C., Curbed's second-ever Outdoors Week is right around the corner! In just one week, we'll be coming at you with extensive coverage of what the District has to offer (besides nice) in its great outdoors. We'll explore the greenery in our circles, map impressive murals and spend some quality time on the Nation's front lawn. Of course, your help here is essential.

Are you and your canine friend especially obsessed with a particular dog park? Nominate your favorite spot for eternal glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why you and your dog love it. Send all photos and dog-friendly spot endorsements to, or leave a comment after the jump.

Next up: What are D.C.'s most epic parks that don't nearly get enough attention? This is not the time to talk up Rock Creek Park or The National Mall. Instead, this is a chance to throw a spotlight on a great park that most city dwellers don't know about. Don't be shy with recommending something that's already been highlighted on this map, but if it's not, all the better!

Finally, we want you to share what you believe is D.C.'s best public swimming spot. Does it have a stellar view? Show us! Does it offer up the best people watching? We want to hear about it! For reference, here's a map of all of them. Again, all nominations and photos to Hold your nose, jump in and send those tips our way.