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Here, Now, a New and Improved Way to See if Metro is Screwed

[Photo by Aaron Webb]

Remember this expletive-laden website built three years ago that candidly let Metro riders know how, er, screwed up their commute would be? A new designer, Kyle Jennings has improved on the original idea from D.C. ex-pat Joey Brunelle with a nicer design, more useful information and just as much swearing.

In the earlier iteration, users would pick one of the five metro lines and find out things like how many trains were running, what the average wait time was and most importantly, whether the line of choice was or was not fucked. With the new site, it's possible to look at a specific station (including new Silver Line stations) and see wait times going in each direction. It's also easier to use on the smartphones, which is useful considering that this is what people check obsessively when they want to know just what is going wrong with those lousy, awful trains. That said, unlike Brunelle's original site, there is not yet a safe for work version on hand. Also, Red Line riders, don't kid yourself. You know full well that your trains are always a hot mess.

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