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The FBI Will Not Stay in D.C. After Vacating the Hoover Building

[Photo by David Yamasaki]

It's official, none of the potential locations for the new FBI Headquarters are actually in D.C. proper. The General Services Administration has named three spots, their warehouse in Springfield, the former Landover Mall and the Greenbelt Metro, as the only remaining candidates in the hunt for a new place. D.C.'s most popular option, Poplar Point, was essentially eliminated from the running some time ago. Additionally, the current FBI headquarters, the J. Edgar Hoover building, has been an architectural whipping post and a structural mess, having been called everything from a disaster to an eyesore to the city's ugliest government building. As recently as last week during the Trump Hotel groundbreaking, Mayor Vince Gray dropped that the vacation of the Hoover building was, along with the Trump Hotel opening, seen as a part of the revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue.
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J. Edgar Hoover Building — FBI

935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535