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Come Get Lost in D.C.'s New Bjarke Ingels Maze

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[All photos by R. Lopez]

The BIG Maze has arrived and tomorrow it will be ready for the hordes of young kids and labyrinth-happy adults that find the idea of spending the 4th outdoors horribly unappealing. The plywood maze designed by Danish-born starchitect Bjarke Ingels seems daunting as it takes up the front quarter of the National Building Museum's Great Hall and has exterior walls measuring eighteen feet in height.

That said, don't let the sixty square foot puzzle intimidate — although it's filled with red herrings, tight corners and deceptive turns, upon reaching its center, it's possible to see the maze in its entirety. It's as if the walls arc downward toward the middle and provide a much needed sense of psychological relief. Also, this isn't the kind of mind bender that will take hours to solve (more like 10 or 15 minutes), but it is absolutely the kind of exhibit that demands repeated returns. Take a look at the photos from above and inside the BIG Maze after the jump.

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