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Protection of Purple Line's Shrimpy Nemesis May Slow Progress

As of late, the battles that vehement Maryland residents have waged against the Purple Line have come in the form of building ill-advised fences and hiring powerful lawyers with even more powerful family members. That said, projected light rail systems that are backed by no small amount of federal funding can fine people for building fences and side step lobbyists. However, endangered species protection is one heck of a trump card and now the itty-bitty shrimp-like Hay's Spring Amphipod is back in the fight against the Purple Line.

The environmentalists of the Center for Biological Diversity have written a petition asking that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service create a recovery plan for the 10 millimeter creature that only exists in Rock Creek Park's streams and tributaries. Admittedly, the environmentalists of the Center for Biological Diversity probably have no other stake in Purple Line development, but the Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail certainly do and they recently threatened to sue the state of Maryland if they don't make moves to protect another endangered amphipod.
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