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How Much For This Five Bedroom Bethesda Rambler?

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Welcome to Pricespotter, the asking price guessing game from Curbed. See if you can pinpoint the price using a handful of factoids about the place in question coupled with a few listing photos. Remember, cheaters never prosper.

What/Where: 5 BR/4 BA rambler in Bethesda
Square Feet: 5,400 It's been awhile since Pricespotter looked at suburban offerings, but this rambler in Bethesda was just too interesting. Admittedly, part of that intrigue is due to the large amount of artwork throughout the sprawling house. That said, without the plethora of built-in shelving, the current owner would not have space for all of those smaller sculptures. Even without their private collection dotting the walls, the place has skylights at the top of the ten foot ceilings. Think you can estimate the price? Put that guess in the comments section.

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