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See the Construction Mess Preceding the Red Line Opening

[Photo by Larry M. Levine for WMATA via Flickr user cliff1066™]

Tomorrow at noon, the Silver Line will become the newest branch of Metro, finally connecting Tysons and Reston with the rest of the D.C. Metro area via something besides I-66. As such, we went back in the archives to this photo from 1973 which gives an honest look at how crazy Chinatown looked before the opening of area's first metro line. The area in front of the National Collection of Fine Arts is a veritable pit of despair with strewn plywood surrounding the holes in the ground due to the portico demolition on G Street. Now, it's hard to imagine the area without the Metro Station, but it's interesting to look back and note that in the 1970s, the Red Line was a contentious undertaking as well.
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