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What $4,000 Per Month Rents You in Washington, D.C.

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Before going rental hunting this weekend, have a look at this week's Curbed Comparisons. The wonderful folks at Zumper have once again found the places in D.C. that fit the needs of a certain price range. Take a look at what's available for $4,000 per month or less. As high as that sounds, many of these are multi-bedroom offerings, so keep your potential roommates in mind, too.

↑ Of course one of the rentals in this price range would be a penthouse. This two bedroom spot at the top floor of the Webster House in Dupont Circle will put you out $3,850/month, but on the plus side there are two balconies, 1,000 square feet of well-lit space and the building has a pool on its roof deck.

↑ Honestly, for $4,000 per month, why not rent an entire townhouse? This three bedroom home in Shaw has been recently renovated and it's near a slew of neighborhood amenities. Sadly, part of that renovation seems to have been sealing the fireplaces.

↑ The fireplaces actually do work at this three bedroom house in Capitol Hill, but because they're marble, they look too pristine to actually use. Once again, you can rent the entire two level house for $3,995 each month and there's a lot of storage already built in. Plus, unlike the other three rentals, this one will let you bring your dog or cat.

↑ Yet another house is on the rental market and this one is a two bedroom Georgetown rowhouse. The exterior patio looks like it could use a little love, but the bathrooms and bedrooms look renovated and spacious.