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The Past Week in Weird Listing Photos: Astroturf Edition

It's a beautiful Friday outside and it feels mercifully unlike D.C. summer, so let's get to laughing and groaning with this week's round up of weird, unique, hilarious and terrible listing photos. There have been more than usual this week, so do enjoy. Have you seen anything ridiculous that you just have to share? Hit up the tipline.

Astroturf is perfectly fine for athletic fields. It's also okay when looking at neighborhood dog parks. But as a substitution for carpet, it's unbelievably tacky. Is this there to give the whole Pop Warner team an on-the-field sleepover experience. Oddly enough, this isn't the weirdest photo this week. There's a large creep factor between the shadowy figures, weird artwork and a mannequin. Click on if you dare. · All Photo Listing Fails [CDC]