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Museum of Science Fiction Seeks Designers, Finds Partnership

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One of D.C.'s most anticipated new museums keeps giving D.C. reasons to get excited for their eventual arrival. For starters, they've formed a partnership with the D.C. Public Library system so that programming can begin while the physical preview museum is still a twinkle in their organizers' eyes. The first bit of programming that they've announced is a fall film festival at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library curated by the museum. The screenings of the science fiction films will begin on September 4th, but they aren't going to tell people outright what film is playing. People following the museum on Facebook will be able to guess through contests on their page and one person per screening will win a Kindle if they're on top of their movie trivia. The Museum will also curate exhibitions in the library which should at least be a suitable hold over for those waiting for the preview museum.

Speaking of that preview museum, it seems that the initial designs that came up in November will not be the museum that visitors to the District ultimately view. Back in May, the museum announced a design contest for their preview museum and Friday will be the last day for enterprising architects to register for a chance at boldly going where no architect has gone before. Once registered, participants have until the end of August to submit their designs. May the force be with you, designers.
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