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Yes, That is a Flaming Sword at the Corner of the Ellipse

[Photo by Cliff]

The Second Division Memorial is proof that a monument can be both well-located and distinctive and still remain obscure. For one thing, the focal piece of the memorial is a golden flaming sword which is an awfully unique design choice in that it sounds like it came straight from an Arthurian legend. In fact, it's meant to represent the defense of Paris. Secondly, it's located between the National Mall and the White House, so it's in prime tourist territory. Still, not many people know about this homage to the U.S. Army's Second Division in World War I nor that it has actually gone through an update since its 1936 dedication. It was rededicated in 1962 with two wings flanking James Earle Fraser's sword to celebrate the Second Infantry Division's service in both World War II and the Korean War.
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