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MLK Library Seeks Second Set of Designers for Interim Space

[Photo by Flickr user thisisbossi]

Although the renovations that Mecanoo/Martinez & Johnson have planned for D.C.'s central library won't go into effect for quite some time (they're going to begin the historic preservation review process this fall), at some point, there will be a lot of construction in the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, rendering it at least partially unusable. As such, the library plans to utilize an interim space so that patrons can continue to take advantage of the services they offer. The library will be sending out online surveys to figure out important information such as whether there should be multiple temporary locations since MLK is, after all, the central library. Also, architects have until August 19th to turn in proposals for this (these?) aforementioned building(s). We'll have until September to see if the interim library design is less controversial than the winning redesign has been.
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