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The Writers at Buzzfeed Apparently Hate Brutalism

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[Photo by David Yamasaki]

The poor J. Edgar Hoover Building has been the whipping post for every anti-brutalist critic out there and now Buzzfeed has trolled it as well. They ranked the FBI headquarters at the top of their list of the seven ugliest government buildings in D.C. ahead of other brutalist structures such as the US Post Office Building, The Department of Energy Building and the Marcel Breuer-designed Housing and Urban Development headquarters. Although some of the critiques on this list are perfect and awesome like pointing out the irony of a Doritos billboard in front of the Department of Health & Human Services and the lack of upkeep on just about all of them, most of the commentary seems to be somewhere along the lines of, "So concrete is the worst, am I right?" Sample critique of the FBI Building: "FBI: 'Hey, we have cement shrubbery containers!'"
· The 7 Ugliest Government Buildings In Washington, D.C. [Buzzfeed]

J. Edgar Hoover Building — FBI

935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535