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What $1,600 Per Month Rents You in Washington, D.C.

Welcome to a special Monday edition of Curbed Comparisons. As always, the folks at Zumper have helped find places all over the city to fit a given rental budget. This week, we're looking at places that are available for $1,600 per month or less.

↑ July is the sweet spot in the middle of the summer where places like this studio at the Claridge House near George Washington University are available for $1,600 per month. There's still an element of college life in the building as you'll be sharing washer/dryers but there's also a swimming pool and fitness center in the building.

↑ For those looking for a place in Hill East, there's a one bedroom apartment near the Armory going for $1,550 per month. That price is only available if you're looking for a six month lease, though. If you want to stay for only three month, the price will go up. The price will also go up if you want a parking space, but at least you won't have to share a washer/dryer with anyone.

Columbia Heights' one bedroom offering at $1,600 per month is also in a building where sharing a washer/dryer is a fact of life. That said, it's near all the amenities of several different neighborhoods and the remodeled kitchen is rather impressive.

↑ There's still (or once again?) a one bedroom apartment available at The Cloisters for $1,575 per month. The building has off-street parking and a fitness center and is welcoming to those looking to bring their pets.