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Is This Just a Stylish Headboard, Or a Secret Message in Braille?

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The Metropole is a quite the stylish condo building, so it's no surprise that its residents would choose equally unique and interesting pieces with which to decorate their personal space. Still, we kind of want to believe that this isn't just a unique wall design behind this bed, but a secret message of some sort in braille. It's a tactic that's not unheard of in D.C. design aesthetic as the architects behind the Union Station bus pavilions can tell you. Sadly, there are no dashes behind the bed so it can't be anything written in morse code. The rest of this 665 square foot one bedroom condo is also quite nice. The exposed ductwork is always a welcome touch for those who like the industrial-style and the WC on the bathroom door gives off the ambience of a trendy 14th Street restaurant that will be able to take reservations in a month or three.

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