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Hill East, Later This Year You Could Live in The Laundry

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Its not terribly uncommon for condo buildings to take on name that pays homage to their former livelihood. The Anna Maria, for example, is named after the proprietor of the restaurant that had operated on the building's ground floor. Still, it's hard not to chuckle a little (okay, a lot) knowing that a condo building will be coming to Hill East later this year called The Laundry. One can only assume that a DIY house show space had called dibs on The Laundromat and that some dive bar had trademarked The Laundry Room. PGN Architects have kept the facade of the original laundromat and are building upward to create a boutique condo with four one bedroom offerings and a pair of two bedroom units. No price points yet, but expect the condos to measure between 593 and 977 square feet. Also, if the condos of The Laundry don't have included washer/dryers, that would just be cruel.
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