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The Time is Now to Vote for D.C.'s Best Dog Park

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[Photo by Ted Eytan]

There's no denying that D.C. is a city that really cares about its dogs. The amenities in local residential buildings are decidedly dog-friendly from City Market at O's rooftop dog run to Sky House's dog pampering salon to 2M's communal puppy. As such, it's no surprise that there are several official and unofficial dog parks peppered throughout the District. While normally we'd be content to love on all of them (and then sit in the dog-heavy spaces like Lincoln Park for good measure), it's Outdoors Week and there's only been one showdown thus far. Time to change that. We've got four dog parks below that you have nominated as your favorites all running for the title of D.C.'s Best Dog Park. If you don't see your favorite dog park then there is a 100% chance that a) it's not really a dog park, per se or b) it wasn't nominated. Don't let that stop you from voting and then letting us know your favorite in the comments. Voting will be open until 1:00 p.m. UPDATED TIME: 9:00 a.m. Monday, so you also have time to visit these parks over the weekend if you so desire.

Walter Pierce Dog Park

This Adams Morgan park caters to humans as well, but the dog-friendly part of the park is notably shady (dogs get hot in the summer, too) and full of picnic tables to keep the handlers happy.

S Street Dog Park

This park is pretty fancy (look at that astroturf!) but it is a little smaller and therefore tends to attract the city's tinier pups. That's not to say that large dogs won't be present and up for some games of fetch.

Columbia Heights Dog Park

This isn't one of the Department of Parks & Recreation's official dog parks (it's actually land that's owned by WMATA) but the dusty little corner of 11th Street is always (always!) full of canines.

Shaw Dog Park

This is another park that's always filled with four-legged friends and what's more, it's always filled with dogs no matter the weather. Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow can keep owners away.

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