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The Rest of the Pierce School is as Intense as its Black Lagoon

The black lagoon (okay, black pool) may be one of the wildest features we've seen in a backyard in some time, but it's not the only crazy thing (or even the most crazy thing about the Pierce School Lofts. For one thing, there are plants everywhere in the house, including, inexplicably, in one of the showers. Each room looks more modern than the next as the exposed ductwork and brick is offset with things like a kitchen island that looks eerily like a speaker system. And if the giant painted head in the living room doesn't give you nightmares, the cartoonish painting of Einstein at a chalkboard next to a boombox might. This $6.5 million property may be a former school building, but it's anything but austere. We've got the full photo spread of the 23,000 square feet of craziness after the jump.

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