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Five Buildings in D.C. With Killer Outdoor Amenities

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Some people need to plan a quick get away to enjoy the outdoors in D.C., but others just need to step out their front door or take an elevator to the top of their condo building. There are a few buildings with pretty courtyards and refreshing pools, but the five that we profiled below have things like rooftop dog parks, outdoor bocce courts and heated swimming pools. Did we miss something? Does your own apartment or condo building have a private garden or something else outrageous that puts these spaces to shame? Tip us or tell us in the comments.

CityCenter DC: The public outdoor space at CityCenter is open and fantastic, if not terribly green. After all, no one else in the city has a digital art installation comparable to the Gateway. But additionally, the luxe complex has several private terraces which make the building that much prettier.

Louis at 14th: There's not much room at 14th & U for courtyards, so all of Louis' outdoor amenities are on the roof. This roof is but it's not all about the swimming pool: there are also soft couches by the grills and fire pits, plus an apparatus for outdoor film screenings.

The Watergate: It's the Watergate building so of course it has something exciting. The landscaped pathways in the courtyard are rather pretty but the true selling point of their private swimming pool is that it's heated.

Highland Park: One of the more luxurious apartment complexes in Columbia Heights, this building has an outdoor bar and bocce courts. One of those two amenities would have put it over the top, but it has both.

City Market at O: It's been highlighted any number of times on this website but this new complex has a rooftop dog run and grooming station. Over and above that it has gardens (shown above) and a rooftop swimming pool. But seriously, the winner is the dog run.
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The Watergate Hotel

2650 Virginia Avenue Northwest, , DC 20037 Visit Website

Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009