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Fun Facts About the Investors of Fundrise's Project in Shaw

The Miller brothers of Fundrise have often spoken of how they want their real estate crowdfunding projects to be opportunities for people to invest in their community. People really took that to heart on their offering in Shaw, because while investors hailed from D.C., Virginia and Maryland, 25% of them lived within a mile and a half of the property. 378 people invested in the Shaw building which has been marketed as a "boutique retail rehab" that will likely become a store or a restaurant. Although the investors needed to put a minimum of $100 (one share) into the building, Fundrise found that on average, they put almost ten times that amount into the building, spending $926. Also, millennials took a special interest in putting money into this project, although the average age of the investors was a little older: 37. Take a look at the infographics below to find out more information about the people who participated in this round of D.C. crowdfunding.

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1351 H Street NE, Washington, DC