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Big Reveal: $459,000 For Condo in Mt. Vernon Triangle

On Monday, we showed off this one bedroom condo in Mt. Vernon Triangle and asked for your best estimations as to its asking price. Wow, did you all deliver! Five of the guesses were within $40K of this unit's $459,000 and even the high guess of $619K wasn't that far off the mark. In fact, one the person not only guessed the price exactly (for the first time in Curbed DC Pricespotter history) but knew that the condo was in City Vista. To answer that person's question, the HOA dues on this place are $392/month. Take a look at the full gallery after the jump.

· 475 K Street NW, Unit 1118 [Zillow]
· 475 K Street NW, #1118 [Redfin]
· How Much for This One Bedroom Condo in Mt. Vernon Triangle? [CDC]