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Shipping Containers: Not Just For Taco Joints Anymore

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[El Rey won't be the only Shipping Container building in D.C. for long. Photo by Cliff Burns]

El Rey made a splash by becoming D.C.'s first restaurant made of shipping containers but it's about to be upstaged. Washington Business Journal reports that Brookland Equity Group LLC got the necessary permit to create the city's first shipping container apartment building where a single family home currently stands. The building will have four apartments and be three stories high. Still, if the idea of living inside of a metal box sounds dystopian and weird) and the idea of living in the basement of one of this building seems especially industrial and creepy), keep some solace in the fact that at least four feet of the existing building's wall will remain as part of the new structure. Admittedly, that's not much. El Rey is a decidedly roomy and surprisingly pleasant-looking establishment in which to dine and drink, but that said, would you actually live in a shipping container? Tell us in the comments.
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