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Aurora's Super-Luxe Rentals by White Flint Mall Now Available

[All photos via LCOR]

The White Flint area of North Bethesda has been working hard to revitalize and rebrand...with good reason. While White Flint isn't Montgomery County's saddest mall, the Dave & Buster's is about the only thing keeping it from being the Wheaton or the Lakeforest. As such, the county has invested time and money into the residential offerings around that neck of Rockville Pike and that's wherein the luxe rentals of Aurora come in. Developer LCOR's second building at North Bethesda Center has 18 stories, 341 units and all the amazing amenities that you'd probably never associate with rentals in North Bethesda like a resort style pool, a business center complete with both Apple and Windows computers and a lounge equipped with gaming systems. Then again, between this project and Pike & Rose, this neighborhood is becoming the little suburban square that could (be attractive to people looking for high end finishes and walkability.) Check out the photos below.

· North Bethesda Center at White Flint Metrorail [LCOR]