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Take a Look Inside the D.C. Area's Most Expensive Condo

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[All photos via Homevisit]

The penthouse at Parc Somerset apparently wasn't content to be the metro area's priciest condo sale only once, because they just did it again. At the end of 2012, the 6,737 square foot penthouse sold for a record-setting $7.95 million. Then the new owners, Henry and Carol Goldberg, decided that they didn't want to renovate the place after all. Now, it's officially been sold for $8.65 million and has joined the ranks of Michael Johnson and Michael Phelps by breaking its own record.

So, what's so special about this particular penthouse? There's a panoramic view both from within the condo and outside on its balcony. There's an octagonal conservatory with a domed skylight and marble floors that looks like it's fit for housing a high-powered telescope. There's one marble fireplace and one stone fireplace and the master closet is the size of some studio apartments inside the District. Have a look.

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Parc Somerset

5630 Wisconsin Ave , Chevy Chase, MD 20815