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What $3,400 Per Month Can Rent You in D.C.

Welcome to your weekly dose of Curbed Comparisons. As with every week, the fine folks at Zumper have helped Curbed track down rentals to fit a given budget. This week the focus is on rentals for $3,400 per month or less. As many of these are multi-bedroom rentals, dividing and conquering with a friend or a partner can make many of these listings seen less daunting. Also, in a rare showing this week, the first rental that we found came not from Zumper, but from a tipster. Because we do take your tips!

↑ As far as Craigslist listings go, the one for this three bedroom rowhouse in LeDroit Park is one of the nicer ones. Also the photos show off the nice hardwood floors, ample storage, fireplace and cozy patio. The grill is probably not included in the $3,300/month rent, but you can bring your pets.

↑ Yes, that is a wall installation in the shape of the Lower 48 on that exposed brick wall and the rest of this renovated 4 bedroom rowhouse in Park View is equally stunning. Even the bedroom that's roughly the size of a generous hallway has a flatscreen television installed. The kitchen and dining room are stunning, there's off street parking and even the basement looks clean. Not bad for $3,300 per month.

↑ Between the couch and the copious artwork, this two bedroom condo at The Haddon has the sort of decor that you might wish came as part of the $3,300 per month rent. The funky bathroom sink and curtains should remain, however. Furthermore, one of the two bathrooms has a jacuzzi. No pets are allowed in this 950 square foot spot.

↑ While not strictly a loft (it's one floor), this two bedroom condo at Gramercy Lofts does have modern and impressive features. The glass doors between rooms heighten the sense of space, even though it's a 1,083 square foot condo. Also, the exposed ductwork gives it an industrial touch, although there's a fireplace. There's also a tiny private balcony. You can snag this one at $3,400 per month.

↑ Don't be fooled by the comparatively low rental price of $3,270 per month, this is also the only one bedroom condo on this list. The 750 square foot offering on an upper floor of 555 Mass Ave gets to take advantage of a private balcony and what appears to be an included queen sized bed. The building also has a swimming pool on the roof deck, a fitness center and 24-hour concierge service.

The Haddon

1926-1930 New Hampshire Ave, Washington, DC