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It's Time to Ask a Realtor Your Burning Real Estate Queries

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Welcome to Curbed Open Threads, where we give you, the Curbed readers, the opportunity to ask your need-to-know real estate-related questions to a knowledgeable local realtor. Last time we enlisted Real Living At Home's Alia J. Khan and this month, we have Redfin's Sam Khosh on hand to answer your queries. Khosh, a real estate agent for Redfin with a background in the mortgage industry, tells us that he loves guiding people through the home buying and selling process. "Redfin's mission is to reinvent real estate in the favor of the consumer and that is exactly how I approach every deal for my clients," says Khosh. "D.C. has so many great neighborhoods with interesting history and unique homes – and I discover new things every day." When he's not helping clients, you can find Sam collaborating with friends on running a small independent D.C. record label and currently, you can find him right here, ready to respond to your questions. Ask away in the comments section and we'll post Sam's answers on Monday.