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The Past Week in Weird Listing Photos: Lion on Skates Edition

LeBron's going to Cleveland, the World Cup final is Sunday, it's muggy outside and it's hard to pay attention to work anymore. We have just the thing: a wrap-up of this week's weird, unique, hilarious and terrible listing photos. It has really been a banner week for these, so do enjoy. Have you seen anything ridiculous that you just have to share? Hit up the tipline.

What is going on in the D.C. area's listings this week? Usually there are a few instances of weird art and an inadvertent selfie or two (and we still have a few of those this week). But to the owner of the stuffed lion in a butler uniform on roller skates, congratulations, that is actually the most ridiculous thing we've ever seen in a listing photo. Was your lion taking after Marvin the Ape? After the jump, we have some horribly cluttered places, a bathroom decorative choice that looks like it hopped out of Game of Thrones and an, um, unique bathtub color choice.

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