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Poll: Which CoHi Townhome Listing Photo is the Weirdest

This townhome in Columbia Heights seems like quite the bargain. A seven bedroom home divided into several apartments for $1.19 million isn't a bad deal in this increasingly expensive neighborhood. However, it's hard to focus on the pros of this property when almost every photo in the listing is full of fail. In fact we're turning this over to you, Curbed readers to determine which photo makes you scratch your head. Your choices are, the television programming, the unintentional selfie, the inexplicable closeup of the sink, or the photo that is so dark that you almost miss the mini-knight's armor sitting in the corner of the photo. Vote for the weirdest and feel free to look at the full gallery after the jump to see if there's a weirder one that speaks to you.

Poll results

· 2711 11th Street NW [Estately]