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What $3,600 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

The current rental isn't cutting it and you don't want to budget more than $3,600/month on a new place. Here to the rescue is this week's Curbed Comparisons. The folks at Zumper have found these available places all across the city. Take a look.

↑ No smoking is allowed in this 1,083 square foot one bedroom at the Gramercy Lofts, but there is a fireplace for those who really can't do without the smoke-filled room smell. Smaller pets are allowed and rent is $3,400/month.

↑ This four bedroom house in Glover Park could work for both those seeking a rental for their family, or a bunch of people seeking an inexpensive group house option. Just remember to bring your own furniture and if you're planning on residing in the basement, a space heater might be a good idea, too. There's parking available for one car behind the house. The total rent is $3,550/month and the lease is available for one year.

↑ For $3,600/month, the new tenant of this two bedroom apartment at The Griffin will get not one, but two balconies. That's in addition to the building's roof deck. Pets are allowed in this 1,092 square foot apartment on a case by case basis. Also of note, there's still a landline telephone on the kitchen wall.

↑ With its concierge service and continental breakfast, the Camden Grand Parc off K Street resembles a hotel as much as an apartment building. Then again, a 936 square foot 2 bedroom apartment costs $3,551 per month, so why not get some free danishes to eat on those granite countertops?

↑ The amenities at West End 25 are also kind of resort-esque for $3,389/month. There's not only coffee and tea in the lobby, but hot cookies every afternoon. There's also a fitness center and a rooftop pool in the building should you want more out of your living arrangements than a one bedroom apartment can offer. Pets are also allowed here.

The Griffin

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