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This Colorful Heatmap Details Median Ages of D.C.'s Buildings

D.C.'s large and famous buildings aren't the only ones that have a long and storied history. Some neighborhoods have homes and businesses in structures that date back to the turn of the century, if not farther. This heatmap of D.C. takes data from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and colorfully details the median age of the buildings on any given block in the District. Unsurprisingly, neighborhoods like Georgetown, Capitol Hill and the Atlas District have a lot of the older architecture while commercial areas like Penn Quarter and K Street on average have more newer buildings. Also, many of the outer edges of the city, like Takoma, Chevy Chase and much of Wards 7 and 8 (sans historic Anacostia) seem to have been filled with homes in the 1950s and 1960s. And much like with this map, it's easy to see the major commercial roads such as Connecticut Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue, Georgia Avenue and even North Capitol Street due to the proliferation of newer buildings. Take a look after the jump to see the age of the buildings in your neighborhood.

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