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Yes, There are Still Antebellum Homes in Mt. Vernon Square

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This one, called the John Nourse House after its first owner in 1840 looks like it's actually seeking a new life as a bed & breakfast if the listing language is any indication. The home has eight bedrooms and is currently utilized for short term executive housing, so that idea isn't far-fetched. Also, that would fit in well in a hospitality-friendly neighborhood, considering that it's a few blocks away from the Morrison-Clark Hotel and the much larger Marriott Marquis. Also, constant presence of chandeliers lend the place and old world vibe that might appeal to travelers. Although the chandeliers in the bathrooms are a little weird. See the rest of the $3.5 million home after the jump.

· John Rittenhouse Nourse [Genealogy]
· 1107 Massachusetts Avenue NW [Estately]