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What This Wild Looking MoveDC Map is Actually Showing Us

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There's a reason this map looks rather intense; it details DDOT's latest citywide transportation plan moveDC, an impressively comprehensive approach to upgrading the city's current transit offerings. This is to say, the updates to the city's pedestrian, bicycle, transit, vehicle, and freight transportation are all represented on this map. The highlights include major expansions of transit and cycling facilities as well as tolls for car commuters.

In regards to public transit, DDOT is pushing for 69 miles of streetcar, transit and bus lanes — a 22-mile street car system and 47 new miles that could accommodate streetcars or buses. There is also a suggestion for a new Metro stop and loop-style subway line within D.C. Meanwhile, cyclists would gain 72 miles of cycle tracks across the city, helping to both increase the safety of current riders as well as encourage more bike traffic in general. This focus on mass transit and bike traffic means that driving into the city would come at a price. DDOT suggests implementing congestion pricing for car commuters. This means that it would cost you to enter downtown in a car as in London, and the plan would establish managed lanes (like Maryland's ICC or Virginia's Beltway HOT lanes) on I-395, I-295, New York Avenue, and Canal Road. The plan is currently available for comment through July 6th. Whether it is approved and funded remains to be seen, but should it succeed, it will bring one of the most progressive and holistic transportation templates to D.C.
Katherine Jessup
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