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This Kitschy Glover Park House Raises So Many Questions

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One can argue that aesthetically pleasing design is in the eye of the beholder, but it looks like this house was designed by several different art students and not in a way that recalls, say, the D.C. Design House. Here are the immediate questions that come to mind regarding this six bedroom home. Who knew that bead curtains had returned to style? Why does the kitchen ceiling resemble a quilt pattern? Does the quilt pattern ceiling plus flowered wallpaper scream "eyesore" to anyone else? Does anyone plan on grabbing that rocking horse sitting on the front porch? Was "Rainbow Connection" playing when someone decided that painting every bedroom a separate bold color was a good idea? Will the lime green room continue to stay that color once the $1.1 million property goes under contract? Take a look at the 3,350 square foot home after the jump and see what makes sense to you.

· 4914 Ashby Street NW [Estately]