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How Much For This Two Level Apartment in LeDroit Park?

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It's June's final Pricespotter, so let's have some fun with this asking price guessing game. We've provided a couple of details about the property in question, including a few floor plans. Use that information and your superior estimating skills and try to guess the asking price. We'll reveal all later this week so, no cheating.

What/Where: 1 BR/1.5 BA apartment in LeDroit Park
Square Feet: 770
Homeowners Association Fee: $266/month

No, this isn't a loft-style apartment. However, the current owner has found creative ways of laying out the 770 square feet so that it feels cozy but not cramped. Kudos are due for putting the office space next to the window and below the stairway and placing a chalkboard outside of the bathroom. The apartment also comes with a walk-in closet, a washer-dryer in the unit and access to the building's rooftop. Place your guesses below!

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