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Award-Winning Jacobsen Renovation Asking Bonkers $10.5M

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The Williams-Addison House has departed the market, but clearly it wouldn't going to take long for another eight-figure-listing to hit the market in Georgetown. This one on Smith's Row is a doozie. Local starchitect Hugh Newell Jacobsen completed a $10M+ renovation of this old four bedroom Federal row house a few years ago and in 2012, that renovation won him a 2012 Chrysalis Award in the category for renovations over $1M. Even the mortar has been replaced. The living room sports the same neutral colors, minimalist furniture and enormous library that Jacobsen has in his own home. However, all of that pales in comparison to the full sliding wall of shoe storage. Who knew that anyone outside of characters on Sex and the City owned that many pairs of shoes? Take a look at the rest of the 5,400 square foot home after the jump.

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