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Which Dupont Circle Studio Is The Right Kind Of Cozy?

The season has arrived for weird mid-day rainstorms, so let's match it with a Real Estate Death Match. Last week's bout allowed Shaw to make a comeback after the previous week's loss and take out its Mt. Vernon Square competitor. This week, both competitors are in the same neighborhood and in fact, on the same block, much like this match. Welcome To Real Estate Death Match: Dupont Circle Studio Edition!

Address: 1526 17th Street NW #115
Price: $217,000
Square Feet: 432
Beds, Baths: 0/1

Cavanaugh Court where this studio is located is a co-op, although the fee is reportedly low. There is a private courtyard and the open house on Sunday afternoon will offer a better look. Much like its competitor, this studio is in a pet-friendly building where you'll still have to share the laundry room.

Address: 1514 17th Street NW #112
Price: $215,000
Square Feet: 475
Beds, Baths: 0/1

The good news is that this studio at Copley Plaza is a little larger for a slightly smaller asking price. The less great news is that since it's not staged, all that's really visible is that lack of living space. Still, it's got a walk-in closet and there's plenty of space on the roof deck.

Poll results

Copley Plaza

1514 17th Street, Washington D.C., DC 20036