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What $2,000 Per Month Can Rent You In D.C.

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Before turning your computer off for the weekend, take a look at these rentals that are available right now for $2,000/month or less. As usual, the folks from Zumper have found the in this week's Curbed Comparisons. So, before turning to Craigslist to find a new place that will fit your budget, check out the options we've highlighted below.

↑ This one bedroom apartment in Kalorama has seen the unthinkable: its rent has actually gone down to $1,995/month. Believe it. The good news is that even those utilities that usually cost extra (like Internet) are included in the price of rent. The bad news is that you can't bring your pets.

↑ The photographer may have gone a little overboard shooting this studio at West End Flats. Seriously, at how many angles does a 310 square foot studio really need to be shot? That said, the fridge will clearly hold your many bottles of wine and the natural light is impressive for $1,900/month.

↑ There aren't that many rentals out there where you have the option to rent out two parking spaces, but that's an option if you want to tack an additional $150 onto this $1,995/month rental. This 725 square foot one bedroom apartment in Glover Park also doesn't allow pets, but it's also one of the only rentals we've ever seen that advertises a towel warmer.

↑ One of the underrated options of rentals in the D.C. area is clearly decorative flowers above the light fixtures. Good to know that for $1,995/month, you can have that in this one bedroom apartment off of Dupont Circle. It's also worth noting that the windows in this 650 square foot apartment are almost as large as the walls. No pets are allowed here either.

↑ This one bedroom apartment in Cardozo claims to have been renovated, but it does not appear to have been completely renovated. The kitchen looks brand new and the bay window looks pristine and revitalized, but the fireplace and odd little shelves look like they've stayed the same for decades. Once again, this place is not pet-friendly.